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We leverage individual and collective strengths to transform organizational relationships and cultures to live up to your true potential…
Only 21% of employees feel that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do an outstanding job.
Teams that focus on their strengths on a daily basis are 12.5% more productive.
People who focus on their strengths are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their work and 3 times more likely to have an excellent quality of life.
Source : Gallup Research


Imagine a workplace where collaboration is fluid, where proactivity and agility are real…

Imagine a workplace where you can leverage the strengths of each member of your team…
Let’s do it together… capitalizing on each other’s strengths.


Proven, team-centered journeys that focus on individual strengths in a concrete way with Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment. All of these programs can be delivered in person or virtually.

Top team !

The power of an exceptional collaboration
A 12-week journey focused on optimizing team strengths to create sustainable productivity and positivity in the team

Talents to strengths

(Re)discover your talents to contribute more and better.
8 weeks individually or with a group to discover, develop and apply your unique talents to achieve greater success and joy at work.

Managing through essential conversations

A structured approach to boost your excellence and fully engage your team
Managers, drive key conversations that change the game every day - inspired by the latest research

Leadership team,
exceptional team.

Boost your alignment, your synergies and your results !
A customized program where you are coached and challenged as a team, to be able to lead your organisation on the path to transformation

CliftonStrengths® - new name for StrengthsFinder®

Our expertise with this tool empowers you to accelerate your growth. The CliftonStrengths questionnaire provides professionals with a new, performance-boosting insight. It helps answer the question: « How can I be more successful by relying on who I am – on my natural talents – rather than by trying to fit a theoretical model ? This tool will be a real lever for your teams.
  • It is based on extensive research on professional excellence in real businesses (and not on a theoretical model)
  • Its 34 themes can render the uniqueness of each person AND create a common language around talents
  • It helps accelerate the identification of natural talents and their development into true individual and team strengths
  • Data proven : using your talents on a daily basis means you perform better and feel better


The Talents Lab is a team of experienced, multi-disciplinary coaches who share a common framework on talent, a resolutely appreciative approach, and parallel work philosophy.

Our philosophy

  • Combining positivity and productivity
  • Capitalize on what works and on strengths as a starting point for system transformation
  • Help you make the most of the talent in your organisation
  • Address both practical and operational levels as well as underlying collaborative processes
  • Involve everyone through a coaching approach rather than training
  • Engage in interactive, varied work methods that motivate

What defines our team

  • Walk the talk – we practice on a daily basis the approaches and tools we propose for our clients
  • Practitioners first: we use numerous models and conceptual frameworks selected for their relevance and systematically make them tangible and operational for you
  • Tailor-made: our interventions are both structured (our expertise) and emergent (co-construction in intelligence of progress)
  • Demanding and professional, we are continuously trained and supervised in our practice

Florence Hardy

Founder of the Talents Lab. Passionate about talents, she invites everyone to reclaim their power and to act together. She fosters personal and organizational transformations.

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Florence Pottier

Her talents make her a coach who combines both depth and rigor, with intellectual agility and a pinch of lightness. She brings all this to our interventions, in a unique blend with her human qualities and empathy.

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Photo Yeang Cherng Poh

Yeang Cherng Poh

With humility and insight, he shines a light for individuals & teams to see their strengths clearly. He engineers solutions for community transformation and excels in our co-facilitation, both remotely and face-to-face.

#depth #pragmatic #expertise #trust

Xavier Bartholomé

He ensures that each element of our programs is aligned with the objective, and that the actions are consistent with each other – all while continuously adapting to your progress. He is always on the lookout for new practices and makes them operational.
#thinker #operationalrealism #efficiency #coherence

Lydia Haferburg

She knows how to partner with you in weaving quality relationships, and at the same time focused on making it real to ensure your autonomy. She is the embodiment of the benevolence that drives the Talents Lab team.
#perceptive #care #relation #structure

Marie Dancourt-Cavanagh

She brings a strategic and sometimes confronting perspective of the Talents Lab, together with a playful energy and a presence that generate a full engagement of teams in our interventions.
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Les Talents, c'est magique !